Our Divisions:


TAWREDAT  is a fast-paced trading Establishment with long-term prospects in many sectors as follow:



All kind of valves that are consumed in various market segments. Our range of valves are approved by API (American Petroleum Institute) for their range of Oil and Gas Valves.

We offer actuators for valves where manual operated valves are not suitable, we are ONE STOP SHOP for your requirement of both valves and actuators. For actuators we offer another superior quality make.

For those companies whose needs are met with upstream products,  a quality manufacturer of wellhead control equipment. This makes TAWREDAT a “one-stop-shop” for all of your valve requirements such as:


(acc. To DIN, ISO, JIS, ANSI)

Industrial Valves (Ball, Butterfly, Gate, Globe, Check, Strainers for Oil & Gas Industries, bellows seal globe valves, pressure reducing valve, butterfly valve, steam traps, strainers and fire hydrants, piston valves,  glass and magnetic level gauges.



(Ball Valve, Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Check Valve, Butterfly Valve, Plug Valve)


(Pressure Reducing Valve, Control Valve, Pressure Regulating Valve, temperature Controlled Valve, Pressure Regulating Controller



(All kind of Safety Valve)



Steam Traps

All Kind of Pumps 

Waste and Sewage Water Pumps


Vertical pumps


Horizontal pump


Centrifugal pump


API Pumps

Steam Boilers 

Steam Boilers


Hot Water Boilers


Superheated Water Boiler


Diathermic Oil Heater

Electrical & Renewable Energy


We invest our time and energy to convert energy from the sun. Solar energy is abundant, almost infinite and long-lasting. At TAWREDAT, we provide a helping hand to mankind to convert this abundant source of energy into a from that is beneficial and can be utilized. We provide solar panels to help convert solar energy into usable electrical energy. We also offer wind turbines to extract tons of energy stored in the blowing gusts of wind into usable forms. Have a look at our products and see where we are headed!