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Our objective has always been to establish business relations with established, well-reputed suppliers who maintain a leadership position in the market. Being at the forefront of technology does not only in effect enable us to set high standards in the local market but also acquire the essential technical know-how so as to support these products both before and after sales.


Range of Products:


Pressure Reducing Valve

Control Valve

Pressure Regulating Valve

Temperature Controlled Valve

Pressure Regulating Controller

Steam Traps

Ball, Gate Valve

Globe Valve

Check Valve

Butterfly Valve

Plug Valve

All kind of Safety Valve

GT-Trading Agencies & TAWREDAT has quickly established itself at the forefront of trading firm and has gained an enviable customers list.​

TAWREDAT provides the product in a brand range of material, sizes and pressure classes focused on various industry sector like Petro chemical industries, Oil and Gas industries, Water and Sewage network lines, petroleum refinery, food and Pharmacy industries. TAWREDAT highly engineered product solution are widely specified and used through the MENA region. Since the starting of TAWREDAT have built up very strong relationships with the highest quality manufacturers of valves in the world, with the support of these manufacturers TAWREDAT are able to provide the client with what they require in the fastest possible time.

TAWREDAT Is a leading General Trading establishment in order to distribute all kind of industrial instrumentation especially Valves in Egypt, Middle East and Africa.

We are Importer, Exporter & Stockist of Marine, Industrial Valves, Pipe Fittings & Flanges. We have Gate, Globe, Check, Strainer, Ball, Butterfly, Safty, Pressure reducing valves, Pipe fittings & Flanges etc., of stainless steel, brass, bronze, cast iron, cast steel and forged steel. Our valves, pipe fittings & flanges comply with BS, ANSI , JIS, DIN & API standards. Our product supplies include to ferrous, non-ferrous CASTING MATERIALS and general hardware.

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